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KS1 Whole set for What we know about.. series
This set comprises 12 entire books and saves you £11 from the total cost of downloading individual titles. It provides all the themes to take you through 60 weeks in Key Stage 1.

These books are split into the 2 year groups - Year 1 and Year 2. All 12 books can be used with either age group with appropriate differentiation. They cover a variety of themes relevant and popular for 5 to 7 year olds.

All books have free downloads available from our website to support the weekly activities. Look inside one of the books to see how they are structured and written.

View a sample page of this product (PDF)

Available as:
Downloadable PDF: ONLY £55.00

"As a Head of a school overseas it is great to have resources such as Everything Early Years as it makes the planning of lessons very easy and can be used by staff who are familiar and unfamiliar with the National Curriculum for Early Years. It also makes it easy for supply teachers to follow the planning in the event of long term sickness. We are looking forward to using it fully next year. Thank you for creating such a wonderful resource."

Joanne Woodward
Head of DUCKS
Dulwich College Shanghai, China
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