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1. Look, Listen, Note. Birth to 11 months section
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2. Look, Listen, Note. 8 to 20 months section
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3. Look, Listen, Note. 16 to 26 months section
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"I first encountered Everything Early Years at the Education Show in 2006
and, as always, was sceptical about using a published resource. However, I
have to say that for me personally it is the best on the market. The easy
to follow, well-structured materials have provided a great springboard to
use to provide a purposeful, innovative, effective and well structured
Foundation Stage Curriculum for both our Nursery and Reception Classes. The
children love the actvities and the ideas that the materials suggest and have
produced some stunning work. What more could anyone ask for!"

Kate Collis
Early Years Co-ordinator
Dunston Primary School, Chesterfield
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